Modern Leadership started as an idea – a motivation to share my insights, learning and reading, as well as the wisdom we collect every day in countless conversations with leaders and experts on how leadership is changing.

Over the past decade, technology, social change and shifting consumer expectations have been driving wide reaching change in the leadership skills and mindsets companies require.  Now, purpose and culture are playing a growing role in how brands connect with and stay relevant to consumers, employees, investors and partners.

Human values are becoming an important part of authentic Modern Leadership.  Diversity, inclusion, sustainability and social justice are more important than ever, and values help leaders set the strategies and value proposition of brands and guide the day-to-day decision making in their organisations.

We have reached a turning point in what we expect from leadership.  Businesses need leaders with brains and hearts who don’t just lead towards one desired and planned outcome but prepare their teams and organisations for all outcomes.  Modern Leaders inspire purpose and culture as much as they drive performance and growth.

Through Modern Leadership, I want to provide insights and curated content and support the shift to a new leadership standard.  I hope that Modern Leadership will evolve into a community where leaders can connect with each other as well as with the next generation of leaders and experts on how to bring progressive and meaningful stewardship to their companies and brands.

Carola Frisch

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